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december 23, 2012

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Well, I had the best of intentions, but haven’t been able to work much this past week. The only chance I’ve had to paint at all was this afternoon. And I did this for my wife. It was inspired by looking out Correine’s window.Town by the Sea

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december 15, 2012

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Correine Knows (detail)I started blocking in Correine Knows, the first of The Unraveling images this evening. This is the back of her coat and her front door. Fascinating, right?

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december 9, 2012

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I’m doing sketches for the five panel The Unraveling. This is the first, Correine Knows.  I’ve gessoed this board and drawn the rough of Correine at the kitchen table. The sketches have C looking angry. Which of course she’s not.

I’m aiming to have this one done by Christmas.

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december 4, 2012

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These are some of the surfaces that I’m preparing for The Unraveling. I’ll release these paintings along with their corresponding portion of the story (of the same title) every month or so, along with some bookmarks with the same image.

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december 1, 2012

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It’s finished. This is just a quick photo with my phone- I’ll take it to be photographed next week. I painted over the peacock several times (first it was very peacock-like, and then it was kind of abstract, but the end result seems to be a shrub/peacock hybrid). Honestly, I didn’t know what I was going for, but I’m happy with how it turned out. “Is it a bush? Or is it a peacock?”

Yeah… just because I painted it doesn’t mean I know yet.

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