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january 31, 2014

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ellen and the swanEllen and the Swan is done, I do believe. It’s 12×12 and I do like the idea of a swan pulling a balloon – the idea for the string came to me a couple days ago and I think it works.

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january 26, 2014

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swanWell, this is a swan that I started to paint today. He’s being chased (or followed, I suppose), though you can’t see by what or whom. Soon, though, soon. I’m painting so much lately because I’m going to be headed to an art fair in Kansas City in April. Which means I’ll need some paintings to sell. Which means I better paint.

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january 18, 2014

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ellen and the wolvesI’m almost finished with the four panel piece, Ellen and the Wolves. I just need to do a few touch-ups on some trees and on Ellen. And then these will get sent off to their new home. Final size: 67″x20″.

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january 1, 2014

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galleryframedSee that little “buy prints” tab up at the top of the page? If you guessed that allows you to buy some art prints, let me congratulate you – you’d be correct. It’s a little rough right now, but I’m in the process of making it look pretty. For now though, it’s functional.

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