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new christmas cards and art prints now for sale!

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Jamin's online storeI’ve just put some new art prints up for sale in my online store, along with my Christmas cards! Looking for creative gifts? Check it out!


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november 18th, 2014 – house show aftermath and your feedback

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House Show 2014The House Show was a rousing success. It really was. The house was full for most of the four hours, and people came to encourage and to buy. If that was you, you have my thanks.

I was also humbled and encouraged by friends and family who agreed to help during the entirety of the show – Vince, Maci, David, Caitlin, and Rebekah – I couldn’t have done this without them. They served and in some cases strong-armed people into buying work. Who has friends like that? I do.

One of my goals going into the show was to make it engaging to a broad audience. Art seems inaccessible to viewers so often, and so I wanted to address that. I decided to print out explanations of each painting (if there was a story behind it, or if it inspired a story, or if it explored a theme). I also included cross-references to related paintings so that viewers could see which ones went together. And finally, for those who wanted even more insight into the paintings, I printed out and stuck related stories to the wall in my studio.

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november 10th, 2014 – house show and why you should come

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Preparations for the House Show are in full gear. This last week I had my latest work varnished, photographed, and I’ve just finished up framing. This week I’ll write up painting descriptions, get prints ready, and arrange the house for this Saturday. Here’s why you should come:

1. It’s going to be fun. This art show isn’t going to be a solemn, pretentious thing. You won’t be expected to know art words. Just come and look at the paintings and if you’re comfortable, interact with me and my wife and my friends. Most of them are pretty good socially, and witty as well. So you’ll probably laugh a lot, and odds are it won’t be awkward.

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