new christmas cards and art prints now for sale!

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Jamin's online storeI’ve just put some new art prints up for sale in my online store, along with my Christmas cards! Looking for creative gifts? Check it out!


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october 16, 2014 – ellen and the key, etc.

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ellen and the keyHi everyone! I’ve got a few updates to share with you. First, here’s my last completed image, Ellen and the Key. Click the image if you want a bit more detail. This scene precedes Ellen and the Peacock, and these pictures along with Ellen and the Owl are forming into a bit of a story that I’m working on in ernest, even as I type this – I’m a wonderful multi-tasker.*

My second bit of news is that my Merry Christmas Cards and Scary Christmas Cards are now for sale in my store. Click that “Buy Art” tab up there to get yours today.

And finally, I’ve just sent out my latest monthly newsletter in which I detail this last month a bit more. Do you sometimes read these posts and crave a bit more information? I know I did, and that’s why I started the newsletter! You can sign up to receive it hot off the presses, or you can simply browse old ones – your choice.

That’s it for now!



*I’m not, in fact, very good at multi-tasking.

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september 16th, 2014 – christmas cards

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newcardsHere are the final images for the two lines of cards – first, the regular, nice animals that one might want to meet in the woods. “Oh look! A badger!” Thanks to Trevor, I’m calling this set “Merry Christmas.” And then the second group: “Scary Christmas.” These are just a little stranger, just a little weirder, just a little more sinister. I’ve ordered the cards and they should be here in a couple weeks. I’ll let you know when they go on sale!

In the meantime… what’s your favorite one?

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august 28, 2014 – more topiaries

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topiariesMy rough translation* of your feedback re: the squirrel (see center right, click to enlarge):

“Your squirrel’s eye is creepy.”
“Can you add lightning to the squirrel?”
“Your squirrel gave me nightmares. I can’t sleep now. I blame you. Bitterly.”

“This is my favorite one so far because it looks creepy!”
“Yeah! Death Squirrel! I want it!”
“I sleep like a baby now because of your squirrel painting.”

What does one do in the face of such contradictory responses? Options:

1. Sadly paint over Squirrel’s eye to make him socially acceptable.
2. Sadly paint over all the other animals’ eyes to make them socially unacceptable, just to match.
3. Not give a rip about what you people think.
4. Come up with another line of cards designed for those who appreciate the strange, creepy, and bizarre!

I’ve chosen to do number 4.


*and somewhat elaborated upon

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august 18, 2014 – topiaries

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Here are the first four. I don’t think I’ll stop at six.four topiaries of the apocalypse

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august 8, 2014 – tree animals!

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topiariesHere’s my progress on the tree animals. Rabbit and deer are done, moving on to the fox. To round out the six I think I’ll add a badger, a squirrel, and an owl. (Click image for a larger view.)

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