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how the voyage of the peacock came to be

voyage of the peacock
voyage of the peacock

So here’s my latest painting, The Voyage of the Peacock. It’s 20″x 20″. This isn’t really about how the idea of The Voyage came to be, but the formation of the painting itself. Basically I’m going to take you through the different stages of the painting and what went on in my mind as I was painting it. So let’s start, shall we?

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november 18th, 2014 – house show aftermath and your feedback

House Show 2014The House Show was a rousing success. It really was. The house was full for most of the four hours, and people came to encourage and to buy. If that was you, you have my thanks.

I was also humbled and encouraged by friends and family who agreed to help during the entirety of the show – Vince, Maci, David, Caitlin, and Rebekah – I couldn’t have done this without them. They served and in some cases strong-armed people into buying work. Who has friends like that? I do.

One of my goals going into the show was to make it engaging to a broad audience. Art seems inaccessible to viewers so often, and so I wanted to address that. I decided to print out explanations of each painting (if there was a story behind it, or if it inspired a story, or if it explored a theme). I also included cross-references to related paintings so that viewers could see which ones went together. And finally, for those who wanted even more insight into the paintings, I printed out and stuck related stories to the wall in my studio.
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november 10th, 2014 – house show and why you should come


Preparations for the House Show are in full gear. This last week I had my latest work varnished, photographed, and I’ve just finished up framing. This week I’ll write up painting descriptions, get prints ready, and arrange the house for this Saturday. Here’s why you should come:

1. It’s going to be fun. This art show isn’t going to be a solemn, pretentious thing. You won’t be expected to know art words. Just come and look at the paintings and if you’re comfortable, interact with me and my wife and my friends. Most of them are pretty good socially, and witty as well. So you’ll probably laugh a lot, and odds are it won’t be awkward.
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october 16, 2014 – ellen and the key, etc.

ellen and the keyHi everyone! I’ve got a few updates to share with you. First, here’s my last completed image, Ellen and the Key. Click the image if you want a bit more detail. This scene precedes Ellen and the Peacock, and these pictures along with Ellen and the Owl are forming into a bit of a story that I’m working on in ernest, even as I type this – I’m a wonderful multi-tasker.*

My second bit of news is that my Merry Christmas Cards and Scary Christmas Cards are now for sale in my store. Click that “Buy Art” tab up there to get yours today.

And finally, I’ve just sent out my latest monthly newsletter in which I detail this last month a bit more. Do you sometimes read these posts and crave a bit more information? I know I did, and that’s why I started the newsletter! You can sign up to receive it hot off the presses, or you can simply browse old ones – your choice.

That’s it for now!



*I’m not, in fact, very good at multi-tasking.

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september 24, 2014 – ellen and the owl

ellen and the owlThe last couple weeks have been busy ones. Fortunately much of this busyness has included painting which, of all my activities, I enjoy the most. Here’s a peak at my latest, Ellen and the Owl. I think there is a bit of touching up to do, but for the most part it is finished. Can’t wait to get it to that point, then varnished, then framed. It should look handsome, indeed. (In the last three days I’ve listened to the unabridged audio of Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, and Northanger Abbey. Which has led to me saying such things as, “It should look handsome, indeed,” and “Capital!”)

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september 17, 2014 – the unraveling – part iii

The Unraveling – Part III 

Correine sat on the cold ground at the top of the cliff that overlooked the sea. In her hand she held the fragment of sky that had first floated down. It was so thin, almost like a snakeskin, and she could see her fingers through it. A loud ripping sound caused her to look up once again to the sky above. It was steadily coming undone, tearing apart like rotting fabric, slowly billowing in the roaring gale. The Unraveling. The very end of things. It was happening just as the Oracle had said.
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september 16th, 2014 – christmas cards

newcardsHere are the final images for the two lines of cards – first, the regular, nice animals that one might want to meet in the woods. “Oh look! A badger!” Thanks to Trevor, I’m calling this set “Merry Christmas.” And then the second group: “Scary Christmas.” These are just a little stranger, just a little weirder, just a little more sinister. I’ve ordered the cards and they should be here in a couple weeks. I’ll let you know when they go on sale!

In the meantime… what’s your favorite one?

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august 28, 2014 – more topiaries

topiariesMy rough translation* of your feedback re: the squirrel (see center right, click to enlarge):

“Your squirrel’s eye is creepy.”
“Can you add lightning to the squirrel?”
“Your squirrel gave me nightmares. I can’t sleep now. I blame you. Bitterly.”

“This is my favorite one so far because it looks creepy!”
“Yeah! Death Squirrel! I want it!”
“I sleep like a baby now because of your squirrel painting.”

What does one do in the face of such contradictory responses? Options:

1. Sadly paint over Squirrel’s eye to make him socially acceptable.
2. Sadly paint over all the other animals’ eyes to make them socially unacceptable, just to match.
3. Not give a rip about what you people think.
4. Come up with another line of cards designed for those who appreciate the strange, creepy, and bizarre!

I’ve chosen to do number 4.


*and somewhat elaborated upon

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august 14, 2014 – the unraveling – part ii

The Unraveling – Part II

Correine awoke to the rumble of thunder and the sound of rain spattering on her window. She lay still in the early morning darkness, gathering her thoughts. As she watched the drops of water trickle down the panes, Correine decided that she could wait no longer. She would go to the Oracle, despite the risks, to confess and ask her question.

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