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august 6, 2014 – you won’t sneak up on me this year, Christmas

rabbitEvery year Christmas comes quickly and mercilessly, sweeping in when I’m the busiest and catching me unawares. I never feel prepared. Often, around October or November, I’ll vaguely formulate some Christmas goals. I’ll think, “This year we’ll take a photo and I’ll do a family newsletter. I’ll buy gifts in November. I’ll design Christmas cards.” It seems that every year I fail. Christmas gets the better of me.

Not this year. At least not with the card thing. Today I started creating some designs for cards that I plan to print up next month. This is the first (and it’s not finished) of six animals. For now I call him Rabbit.

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august 1, 2014 – the beginning

the boy and the ships
the boy and the ships

Today marks the beginning of a new journey for my family. I am stepping into the world of creative work in which I will attempt to paint and write for a living. I am excited for this opportunity to use the language of Image and Story to stir the imagination, to talk about what I see in the world, and to challenge how we think.

I have several projects that I’m working on that I’ll be sharing with you as they develop.

You may have seen the beginning of one of them already: Part I of The Unraveling, a three part short story that I’ve posted earlier. You can find it by clicking on The Unraveling tab. Look for Part II soon!

Other projects that you’ll hear about:

  • An Ellen picture book that’s in the works
  • Storybird
  • Christmas cards

Thanks for reading!

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july 11, 2014 – the unraveling – part i

The Unraveling – Part I

There was nothing to indicate that this day was different from any other. Gusts of wind whistled outside and now and then yellowing leaves spun past the window to drift against the house. Branches from the elm brushed against the eaves and fragmented the light that pooled on the table. Sitting here, near the stove, it was warm and comfortable. In the distance the clock tower slowly rang three times. There was nothing that pointed to it being different at all. But it was different, and Correine knew it, and had known it from the moment she awoke that morning.

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july 1, 2014 – the leaning stones

leaning stones
leaning stones

I recently had a conversation with my pastor about how visual art might be used to enhance or possibly expand the congregation’s worship experience at our church. He speaks to us every week, but what if I got up every once in a while to explain my visual interpretation of some of the themes that we’re studying? I already choose or create the artwork for our podcasts, so what if I talked about why I choose what I choose? My pastor thought this sounded like a good idea.
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june 13, 2014 – europe and instagram

treeLisa and I just got back from a Europe trip (England and France) and we had a blast. Besides being fun, it served a couple different purposes.

1. It was a much needed vacation. We haven’t really gone on a vacation together (just the two of us) since our honeymoon 3 1/2 years ago. And so it was a reconnection time for us. In Europe (!!!)

2. It helped to transition us into the next chapter of our lives. At the end of July I’ll be moving into full-time creative work and so this served as a time to begin mentally shifting gears. Come August, I’ll be writing and painting and trying to figure out this art thing as a way to support my family. Scary? Yes. The right thing for us? I’m pretty confident this is what’s supposed to be what’s next.

And so we rested and I sought inspiration. And I got it just about everywhere I looked. Here’s one of the pictures I took and Instagramed. (Which, incidentally, means I’m on Instragram. You should follow me!)

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may 23, 2014

rabbitArt fair followup: Almost a month past and I’ve not said a word! It went well. I got good feedback on my work, sold some prints and cards and postcards, and got some great ideas on how to move forward. People especially liked Ellen and the Peacock  and so I’m starting to work on a series of animal topiaries. And so I present to you… a rabbit! It’s just the sketch with a layer of snow. But more to come.

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april 22, 2014

Art Event at KCC 2Well, the preparation is winding down simply because there’s not much time left to prepare. The late nights of painting and varnishing and touching up and agonizing over things painters agonize over are all but done. I’ll be heading to Kansas City this Friday to take a crack at selling some original work as well as postcards, bookmarks, greeting cards, and prints.

I’d love it if you’d come out. I’d love it more if you’d buy something. I’d love it most if that something was my work.

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april 11, 2014

Peacock ShipHere’s the finished piece. This is 6″x6″ but I enjoyed doing it so much (and enjoyed the subject matter so much) that I’ve decided to do some larger ones as well. Probably not for this show, but perhaps for the next one.