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november 15, 2013

sunset2A quick perusal of my paintings will tell you that I don’t often work with bold and bright colors in the sky – I usually prefer variants of dark blue or green or gray. But I’m kind of liking how this is turning out. That sky looks like lava!

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november 13, 2013

bridgeThis is a portion of a commission I’m working on. I’ve sketched in the basic elements and applied the initial layer of paint. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this will take me about a week.

I really enjoy this stage of painting – the images have begun to emerge from the canvas and I can go in and begin to pull out the details.

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october 22, 2013

windowSo I picked up where I left off on this ever so long ago and worked a bit on the sea and the sky as seen through Correine’s window. And I aged her front door and walls too. I think there need to be some birds circling in the sky. It is the sea after all, and the story is set in October, so there’s no excuse to not have any¬†birds.

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october 19, 2013

blankI have some blanks sitting around and so I’m beginning a painting. I’ll be working on this one as well as Correine Knows. I also have an enormous blank spot on my living room wall so I’ll be working on ideas for that as well.

In other creative news, for the past few months I’ve been working on my as-of-yet unnamed novel about a mysterious island and a guy named James Bacon and a girl named Jo Wickham. I’ll get some portions of it up on the website at some point.