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creating a picture book: part i – the beginning


Ellen square headerOver the years people have encouraged me to do a picture book. I love to paint and I love to write, so why not put those things together? And I’ve wanted to, but I simply haven’t. Other projects have crowded it out, or I’ve started and then given up, overwhelmed by the enormity of it all.

But now I’m in neck-deep. I’m doing it. And I want to share with you what the process has been so far: the ins and outs of creating a book, and in creating it, what’s been good, what’s been okay, and what’s been unexpectedly terrible.

There are several ways to go about publishing a book. I’ve decided to self-publish. This means I’m not submitting my story and art to a publishing company or an art director. I’m not relying on professionals for design input or editing. I’m doing it all myself. Which means I have a lot of work to do. It also means it could look like garbage, and it would be all my fault.

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december 1, 2012

It’s finished. This is just a quick photo with my phone- I’ll take it to be photographed next week. I painted over the peacock several times (first it was very peacock-like, and then it was kind of abstract, but the end result seems to be a shrub/peacock hybrid). Honestly, I didn’t know what I was going for, but I’m happy with how it turned out. “Is it a bush? Or is it a peacock?”

Yeah… just because I painted it doesn’t mean I know yet.