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september 17, 2014 – the unraveling – part iii

The Unraveling – Part III 

Correine sat on the cold ground at the top of the cliff that overlooked the sea. In her hand she held the fragment of sky that had first floated down. It was so thin, almost like a snakeskin, and she could see her fingers through it. A loud ripping sound caused her to look up once again to the sky above. It was steadily coming undone, tearing apart like rotting fabric, slowly billowing in the roaring gale. The Unraveling. The very end of things. It was happening just as the Oracle had said.
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august 14, 2014 – the unraveling – part ii

The Unraveling – Part II

Correine awoke to the rumble of thunder and the sound of rain spattering on her window. She lay still in the early morning darkness, gathering her thoughts. As she watched the drops of water trickle down the panes, Correine decided that she could wait no longer. She would go to the Oracle, despite the risks, to confess and ask her question.

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august 1, 2014 – the beginning

the boy and the ships
the boy and the ships

Today marks the beginning of a new journey for my family. I am stepping into the world of creative work in which I will attempt to paint and write for a living. I am excited for this opportunity to use the language of Image and Story to stir the imagination, to talk about what I see in the world, and to challenge how we think.

I have several projects that I’m working on that I’ll be sharing with you as they develop.

You may have seen the beginning of one of them already: Part I of The Unraveling, a three part short story that I’ve posted earlier. You can find it by clicking on The Unraveling tab. Look for Part II soon!

Other projects that you’ll hear about:

  • An Ellen picture book that’s in the works
  • Storybird
  • Christmas cards

Thanks for reading!

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july 11, 2014 – the unraveling – part i

The Unraveling – Part I

There was nothing to indicate that this day was different from any other. Gusts of wind whistled outside and now and then yellowing leaves spun past the window to drift against the house. Branches from the elm brushed against the eaves and fragmented the light that pooled on the table. Sitting here, near the stove, it was warm and comfortable. In the distance the clock tower slowly rang three times. There was nothing that pointed to it being different at all. But it was different, and Correine knew it, and had known it from the moment she awoke that morning.

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october 22, 2013

windowSo I picked up where I left off on this ever so long ago and worked a bit on the sea and the sky as seen through Correine’s window. And I aged her front door and walls too. I think there need to be some birds circling in the sky. It is the sea after all, and the story is set in October, so there’s no excuse to not have any birds.

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october 19, 2013

blankI have some blanks sitting around and so I’m beginning a painting. I’ll be working on this one as well as Correine Knows. I also have an enormous blank spot on my living room wall so I’ll be working on ideas for that as well.

In other creative news, for the past few months I’ve been working on my as-of-yet unnamed novel about a mysterious island and a guy named James Bacon and a girl named Jo Wickham. I’ll get some portions of it up on the website at some point.