Ellen and the Winter Wolves

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Want a quick introduction to Ellen and the Winter Wolves? Watch my Kickstarter video to find out a little more about it.

Wolves and Birds

If you’ve read Ellen and the Winter Wolves you’ll know there are pictures of wolves and birds hidden within the images of the book. Can’t find them all? Click on the images below to see the locations of the hidden pictures!

Notes and Questions

Feel free to write your thoughts in the comments section below. Or use the comments section to ask questions.

  • Perhaps you’ve noticed that Ellen’s mother’s clothing resembles the peacock in both color and pattern. Perhaps you’ve noticed a small green bird on the mantle in Ellen’s home. And perhaps you’ve observed Ellen’s bookend and the titles of her books and her stationary. What do these things suggest?
  • Did you notice the color of the text pages? What does the changing color suggest?
  • What do you think is the significance of the acorn on the key and on the garden gate?
  • Do you think the peacock is really under a curse?

6 thoughts on “Ellen and the Winter Wolves

  1. Jamin, I received a copy of your book from your mother-in-law and I was highly entertained by it. My mind has not stopped thinking of ways to help you promote this wonderful book. We are long time friends of the Lamberts and Lisa is in our photo albums as a very young child.
    I know our local Library host authors/ illustrators on occasions and I would be glad to speak to them about you and your book. We have an antique village that may display for you and we have a farmers market. If you and Lisa and your son would like to come for a visit one weekend and participate in any of these events or all of them you may stay with us and we will feed you too! I can do some of the leg work for you. You could also bring some of your smaller pieces of art. (Our farmers market is not a place for more expensive pieces). Consider if this would be a good get away for you and your family and let me know.

    1. Thanks Helen! I’ve sent you an email.

  2. your illustrations are amazing and the stories are fantastic, I really love what you do its exactly what I had in mind for some stuff of my own but I cant draw, your illustrations and that map its agghhh amazing

  3. I just read the book and think it’s great. Will or has Ellen had going to have more dreams and adventures. I sure hope so and would like to read about them. Thank you for creating this story and portraits.

    1. Thanks, Jerome! I do have plans to write more Ellen stories, but not yet. My next book is a novel set in the same world, and while Ellen doesn’t make an appearance, Winter Wolves do!

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