Ellen and the Winter Wolves

Kickstarter Video

Want a quick introduction to Ellen and the Winter Wolves? Watch my Kickstarter video to find out a little more about it.

Wolves and Birds

If you’ve read Ellen and the Winter Wolves you’ll know there are pictures of wolves and birds hidden within the images of the book. Can’t find them all? Click on the images below to see the locations of the hidden pictures!

Notes and Questions

Feel free to write your thoughts in the comments section below. Or use the comments section to ask questions.

  • Perhaps you’ve noticed that Ellen’s mother’s clothing resembles the peacock in both color and pattern. Perhaps you’ve noticed a small green bird on the mantle in Ellen’s home. And perhaps you’ve observed Ellen’s bookend and the titles of her books and her stationary. What do these things suggest?
  • Did you notice the color of the text pages? What does the changing color suggest?
  • What do you think is the significance of the acorn on the key and on the garden gate?
  • Do you think the peacock is really under a curse?
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