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Erdyn is comprised of seven islands: Owl Rock, Windar, Havardyn, Atraya, The Hold, Augrind’s Eye, and Erdyn. These islands are separated from the rest of Hibaria by the Gulf.

Legend says that Augrind first appeared here on the island of Augrind’s Eye, but was soon driven out by the Erdynians, beasts and birds that could speak. Hundreds of years later, after Augrind’s rise and rule, and after Skyfall led to the Great War, it was the Erdynians who were pivotal in turning the tide of the war, joining the humans at a critical time in the conflict. When it became clear to Augrind that his defeat was imminent, he cursed the Erdynians, stealing their speech and reason. Since then, over seven hundred years ago, the Erdynians have lived like other animals, and their lands have become increasingly inhospitable to outsiders.

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