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The northern islands of Rorus—Hilder, Werth, Kel and Rorus—are largely cut off from the rest of Hibaria. The icebergs and treacherously unpredictable winds of the Northern Floes isolate these lands even though they are not terribly distant from the mainland.

However, in recent years the merchants of Little Haile have gained the knowledge required to travel to Rorus and have brought back furs, whale oil, and hardened whale bone, along with scraps of information that have begun to reveal details about the people of these hitherto unknown lands.

The people of Rorus, due in part to the inhospitable climate that has shaped their lands, are primarily nomadic hunters. There are small permanent coastal villages, but these are few and exist to serve as staging points for hunting expeditions. The hunters regularly seek out bears and winterox, prized for their hides and fur, and bull whales, for their oil and bone.

With the opening up of trade with the mainland, demand for these goods has risen, and as a result, the people of Rorus are experiencing a rapid influx of wealth.

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