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The Skilewood region makes up the southwestern corner of Hibaria. Like most of mainland, the region is heavily wooded, the dense Skilewood spreading over much of it. The Brenwaite is to the north and the Southern Pillars are to the east. The region extends below the Pillars and includes the Southern Plains.

The Deep, a mighty river that flows out of the Southern Pillars empties into the Westwater near Labryn Waite. Labryn Waite is a powerful city-state that has established the military outpost of Labryn Dun on Curyn Hal, an island positioned strategically to the south and west. Labryn Waite has also built two forts, Feldyn Dun and Feldor Dun that control all traffic into and out of the Little Deep. The city is currently allied with Aurian, which is fortunate for Aurian, given its geography.

Sentinel Rock lies just to the west of Curyn Hal and is the site of an old abandoned watchtower. Further to the north and west is Crow’s Head Island, home to numerous crows and ravens, but otherwise unoccupied.

Arosil is the Skilewood region’s westernmost city and overlooks the Westwater. In the midst of the city is the Hourglass, an ancient tower woven with dangerous magic and power. It is rarely approached, and even more rarely is it entered. Those who enter do not always come out again.

It is said that due west of Arosil—it is not certain how far—is the Black Horizon. This is the edge of the world and only one person has ever gone over the edge and returned to tell about it…

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