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The Brenwaite

The western edge of the Brenwaite region is the rocky and largely treacherous coastline that extends from the River Waite in the south, to the Dragon, a river to the north. The eastern border runs through the foothills of the Southern Pillars. The Rift, a deep canyon that cuts through the heart of Hibaria, has its western terminus here.

The frontier along the mountains is rich in iron ore, gold, and lead, and several mining communities are scattered throughout the area. The largest of these is Droe. Dragons that live in the Southern Pillars occasionally target the mines and villages, which makes this a dangerous area to live. Nevertheless, the allure of wealth continues to draw prospectors and miners to the region.

To the south and on the banks of the River Waite lies the town of Wal Waite. Most of the traffic to Droe passes up the River Waite and through this town.

Aber Waite, a town on the northern border of the region, was originally founded as a military outpost by the armies of Arosil, a city to the south. Over time, however, traders and farmers migrated to the area and the soldiers returned to Arosil, abandoning their garrison. Travelers seeking the ruins of the Rentwatchers—a small and reclusive group of individuals that was once dedicated to watching and guarding the skies—also use the town as a staging point for their journeys.

The region as a whole is almost entirely made up of the Brenwaite—an immense forest of old growth oak and beech. Recently, the inhabitants of Droe witnessed a black cloud settle over the forest, and since then it has become a dark and dangerous place that even outlaws have come to avoid. Some say that Crows now inhabit the wood, but this is unlikely since the skeletal creatures that once served Augrind have not been seen for hundreds of years.

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