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The Eastern Isles

The island of Sidyn lies two hundred and fifty miles due east from the city of Tarian. It is the largest of the Eastern Isles. The other three are Adryn, Alwen, and Mai.

Like many of the peoples that live along Hibaria’s coastline, most of the inhabitants of the Eastern Isles are fisherfolk. They hunt the deep, tracking bull whales and razorfish. It is notable, however, that they do not hunt the sea serpents.

These creatures—also known as snakes—live primarily in the waters around the Eastern Isles. The rulers of the Isles have for centuries claimed a unique connection with the snakes, though the nature of this connection is shrouded in secrecy. The result, however, is that the snakes live freely and without fear of harm among the Isles. And in turn, though they are powerful creatures, they do not attack the fisherfolk or the coastal villages of the islands.

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