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The Eastern Plains

The Eastern Plains extend westward from the stormy waters of the Eastern Deep to the foothills of the mountains known as the Pillars, and southward from the borders of the Hornwood to the edges of the tangled Thicket and the vast inlet known as Little Deep.

The Plains contain two large city-states, Tarian and Aurian, as well as a smaller coastal city called Aber. Tarian is the seat of the Master of Tides and Aurian is ruled by the Lord of the Mists. Both rulers were given their powers by the Sky Lords seven hundred years ago during the Great War. Both have ruled well, though they are growing weaker as they age.

Between Tarian and Aber is the Fenwood, which is bounded by the Northern and Southern branches of the Blackthorn. The Fenwood is much smaller than the other forests that dominate Hibaria, but it is no less mysterious. The wood is woven with a thick forgetting magic that affects all who enter and because of this, very little is known about it.

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