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The Hornwood

The Hornwood region is a sparsely populated area that includes the sprawling Hornwood forest, a broad plain called Coving Head, and the islands of Kelig Rock, Angor, Marddir, and Agendor.

The Hornwood is an ancient forest that has never been fully explored or mapped. It is a dark and frightening place, and it is said that its shadows swallow the unwary traveler. The Hornwood gives way to the Northern Pillars to the west and borders on the Eastern Plains and the Rift to the south. The Rift is an impossibly deep canyon that cuts through the heart of Hibaria. Augrind is imprisoned in its depths.

Coving Head is to the north and its windswept grasslands, like much of the Hornwood region, are a desolate place.

There are a few small villages scattered along the coast. The largest of these is Little Haile. Several of its merchants have managed to find a way through the Northern Floes to Rorus, but the location of the route has been kept a closely guarded secret.

These merchants have also recently brought word that they can no longer approach the islands of Agendor, Marddir, Angor, or Kelig Rock without rousing a fearsome red snake from the depths…

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