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The Southern Pillars

A massive mountain range known as the Pillars runs down the middle of the main island of Hibaria. The Pillars are divided north and south by the Rift, a deep chasm that stretches from the Brenwaite in the west to the Hornwood in the east.

It is known that dragons inhabit the Southern Pillars because of their attacks on the mining communities on the eastern frontier of the Brenwaite. Their numbers and the locations of their lairs remain a mystery, however; most do not wish to provoke the monsters by hunting them.

The Augur Tree is said to be in a valley deep in these mountains. The Tree is as old as the islands and is almost as tall as the mountains that surround it. It is thought that the Rentwatchers once tended and protected the Tree, though how this would be possible is unclear. Most believe that the fate of Hibaria is tied to the fate of the Augur Treeā€¦

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