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The Wild

The Wild is an area that is largely uninhabited, with the exception of some small coastal villages. The largest of these is Coving Swallow. The region borders the Hornwood region to the east, the Northern Pillars to the southeast, and the river known as the Dragon to the south. It also includes the islands of Val and Palla to the west.

For most of the year powerful winds laced with ice and snow blow from the Westwater and the Northern Floes, and these biting winds are the main reason the Wild is so desolate. A set of low hills called the Dark Fells stretches across the region and further isolates the northern forests.

Toward the end of the Great War Augrind retreated to the southern forests of the Wild. He had established a series of fortresses throughout the region and it was here that he made his last stand. It was from this place that he cursed the creatures of Erdyn for their role in the war, a curse that took their speech and reason.

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