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june 13, 2014 – europe and instagram

treeLisa and I just got back from a Europe trip (England and France) and we had a blast. Besides being fun, it served a couple different purposes.

1. It was a much needed vacation. We haven’t really gone on a vacation together (just the two of us) since our honeymoon 3 1/2 years ago. And so it was a reconnection time for us. In Europe (!!!)

2. It helped to transition us into the next chapter of our lives. At the end of July I’ll be moving into full-time creative work and so this served as a time to begin mentally shifting gears. Come August, I’ll be writing and painting and trying to figure out this art thing as a way to support my family. Scary? Yes. The right thing for us? I’m pretty confident this is what’s supposed to be what’s next.

And so we rested and I sought inspiration. And I got it just about everywhere I looked. Here’s one of the pictures I took and Instagramed. (Which, incidentally, means I’m on Instragram. You should follow me!)

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