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may 23, 2014

rabbitArt fair followup: Almost a month past and I’ve not said a word! It went well. I got good feedback on my work, sold some prints and cards and postcards, and got some great ideas on how to move forward. People especially liked Ellen and the Peacock  and so I’m starting to work on a series of animal topiaries. And so I present to you… a rabbit! It’s just the sketch with a layer of snow. But more to come.

2 thoughts on “may 23, 2014

  1. Hey Jamin! It’s your youngest sister-in-laws’s best friend – Sarah Wright : ) I just stalked all your work & wanted to say it’s the best. I LOVE IT. My favorite is ellen and the peacock! I hope you sell out of everything you paint.

  2. Sarah! Thanks for stalking! I will work on selling out of things. 🙂

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