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november 10th, 2014 – house show and why you should come


Preparations for the House Show are in full gear. This last week I had my latest work varnished, photographed, and I’ve just finished up framing. This week I’ll write up painting descriptions, get prints ready, and arrange the house for this Saturday. Here’s why you should come:

1. It’s going to be fun. This art show isn’t going to be a solemn, pretentious thing. You won’t be expected to know art words. Just come and look at the paintings and if you’re comfortable, interact with me and my wife and my friends. Most of them are pretty good socially, and witty as well. So you’ll probably laugh a lot, and odds are it won’t be awkward.

2. It’s going to be affordable. Sure, I have some paintings that sell for a couple thousand. But I also have some bookmarks, postcards, greeting cards, Christmas cards, art prints, and small paintings that range from $1 to a couple hundred. That’s right: items start at $1.

3. Free coffee, hot chocolate, and homemade cookies. Have you looked at the weather for Wichita for this Saturday? It’s going to be cold. Guess where you can warm up your insides and increase your sugar intake? My house. Speaking of cold…

4. It’s practically Christmas. That means you probably buy gifts for people. And what better gift than some unique art? Would you rather go to Target or Jamin’s House Show? Answer: Jamin’s House Show.

5. I’ll be wearing a tie. True story.

So put it on your calendar. If possible, RSVP to the Facebook event. Come on out this Saturday! I look forward to seeing you.

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  1. We enjoyed exploring more of your website and the new additions! Hope the House Show went well.

    1. It went great! I’m about to write a post about it.

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