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november 18th, 2014 – house show aftermath and your feedback

House Show 2014The House Show was a rousing success. It really was. The house was full for most of the four hours, and people came to encourage and to buy. If that was you, you have my thanks.

I was also humbled and encouraged by friends and family who agreed to help during the entirety of the show – Vince, Maci, David, Caitlin, and Rebekah – I couldn’t have done this without them. They served and in some cases strong-armed people into buying work. Who has friends like that? I do.

One of my goals going into the show was to make it engaging to a broad audience. Art seems inaccessible to viewers so often, and so I wanted to address that. I decided to print out explanations of each painting (if there was a story behind it, or if it inspired a story, or if it explored a theme). I also included cross-references to related paintings so that viewers could see which ones went together. And finally, for those who wanted even more insight into the paintings, I printed out and stuck related stories to the wall in my studio.

I think these additional elements helped people to engage more and helped to demystify my art a little bit. At least, that’s what a few of you told me.

So if you were there, what did you think? Was the show engaging? If so, why? What worked for you and what didn’t? Do you have any ideas that, if implemented, you think would have helped you understand the work better?

12 thoughts on “november 18th, 2014 – house show aftermath and your feedback

  1. It was wonderful! My only wish of how it could be better is if we had an ample bank account to snag some of those large originals or to commission a piece. *some day…* Thanks, Jamin, and congrats on a successful house show! Look forward to the next!

    1. Thanks, Kendra and Rick. I appreciate your ongoing support of what I’m doing. Thanks for coming and I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  2. I especially enjoyed reading the stories and inspiration behind your paintings. It was very organized and made it easy to view all of your work! Great job!! I ditto the Neill’s comment!

    1. Thanks, Joyce. The decision to include explanations and linking them to stories came to me late. As in, a couple days before the show. I almost didn’t do it. I’m glad I did.

  3. I loved the idea of putting the history, the meaning, and the stories behind it all. That really deepened the experience, broadened my appreciation of your work, and helped me to “see” you, to see the meaning behind the drama on the canvas, and to take it a step further, to insert my own experience within your meaning, if that makes sense. I wouldn’t have bought 3 of the pieces I did, had I not known your thinking behind them. That’s what makes art meaningful, so I don’t have to say, “I dunno….I just liked it.” I know I will be telling people visiting my home about your works that will adorn my walls. It was great!

    1. Pam, I’m glad the explanations helped. I’m using this show to figure how to do future shows and I think text (explanations, inspiration, stories) are vital based on what so many people have said. (Which is that people enjoyed having it there.) I’m glad Kendra reminded you to come!

  4. I thought it all was really nice. The cozy feel of home, with no clutter, and plenty of room to view the art. The hallway and doorways got a little jammed during busy times, but we all managed just fine. Maybe you need a bouncer at the door to kick out the bums. You know those bums who distract the potential buyers by walking around yelling random catch phrases, making noises, and reminiscing about events that occurred 10 years ago…

    1. Eric, I’m glad you liked the home feel. I liked the idea of that too, but was a little worried that coming to my home would be a barrier to people who didn’t know me. I think it ended up being OK though.
      Sorry about Vince. That guy…

  5. I was very impressed with how you turned your home into an art gallery! Being a person who doesn’t always “get” the meaning behind art, I really enjoyed reading about each piece as well as “hearing” you in the explanation. I liked that you had prints of some of your work as well as postcards and bookmarks that made your work more accessible to some income brackets:), though of course, loved seeing the amazing originals. Overall, loved it!

    1. Mikelle (and Tim) – The goal with those explanations was to remove “art barriers” that I think exist with most people. I think art can so often be presented in an alienating way. And guess what that does? it CREATES barriers.

  6. Jamin – we continue to be amazed not only by your artistic genius but also by your ability to relate to your audience. Our comment for the show? “Well done and please do it again.”

    1. Kate – thanks so much. I shall!

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